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Posted: 3/25/2014
All The Pool Supplies You Need
By Patricia Meek
Atlas Pools' Atlanta showroom carries a complete line of pool supplies, chemicals and parts, including:
  • Pool Cleaners
  • Salt CellsChlorine
  • Hoses
  • Shock treatments
  • Liners
  • Covers
  • System Parts
  • Pool Heaters
  • Fun Pool Accessories
We also carry testing kits and a more specific free in-house testing system that can help you pinpoint the problem and be on your way with the right pool supplies for your solution.
Call us and speak to one of our pool supplies sales people, They'll be happy to suggest an answer to your needs.
Posted: 3/25/2014
All You Have To Say Is: I Want A Pool
By Patricia Meek
All you have to say is "I want an inground pool" and let Atlas Pools handle the rest.

Pool construction goes like this:
First, we'll come to your property for an on-site assessment. This includes looking at the property plat for setbacks, utility easements and flood plains that would hinder construction of your inground pool
Next, we'll show you our personally customized design recommendations within your price range.
Once you choose the plan that suits you best, Atlas Pools will obtain all the necessary building permits (unless there is a variance issue) and get to work. 

Installing a pool begins with groundwork: trees and debris must be removed. Sometime a retaining wall is needed. We can do all of this for you. There is no need to contract elsewhere.
Please note that all pools are required by county laws to be in a fenced area. You may have to get with your subdivision or community regulators to see what size and height is allowable for your fence, if you don;t already have one.
Then comes the magic: grading the land and installing the inground pool system of your dreams. Final results are exciting and dramatic. You'll love your new pool!
Why not make your back yard a relaxing paradise, or the focal point for parties? Atlas Pools can beautify the entire yard with botanical landscaping, walkways, patios, lighting, entertainment centers and outdoor kitchens as well. The possibilities are endless.
We also carry supplies to keep your pool in perfect condition year-round.
So if you are wondering how difficult it would be to own your own inground pool, please don't hesitate. It's EASY! Contact us now for a free estimate.
Posted: 3/25/2014
Pool Maintenance Is Not That Difficult
By Patricia Meek
At Atlas Pools we've heard a lot of concerned from prospective owners that pool maintenance might be costly and time-consuming. Not at all!
You don't need to hire a pool service. And, if you build away from trees, there will not be a lot of debris to remove.
Pool maintenance requires just a minimum of time each week to make sure the pH of the water is correct, and  chlorination is in good balance. These days there are tools that practically take care of all of this for you, including a robotic pool vacuum and an automatic chlorination system that constantly monitors and adds chemicals as needed.
At Atlas Pools retail store in Atlanta, we also have non-chlorine solutions to keep the water fresh, as well as in-store water testing to pinpoint any problems that might arise, and all the corrective applications that might be required.
Winterizing is as simple as giving the pool some 'sleeper' chemicals and covering it, and you'll have a beautiful pool to enjoy as soon as spring arrives.
So don't let pool maintenance concerns keep you from having a backyard paradise of your own. Atlas Pools has everything you need. Contact us to learn more.
Posted: 3/25/2014
Pool Renovations Practicaly Pay For Themselves
By Patricia Meek
Atlas Pools is also in the business of pool renovations.
Maybe your concrete pool is cracked, or the liner is aged. Perhaps the filtering system is not what it used to be. Or the pool decking and walkways are crumbling and outdated. Or the yard as a whole needs a facelift with landscaping.
Atlas Pools will come to your home and give you a detailed plan of attack for repairing or upgrading your pool system. Pool renovation takes about four weeks at most. We'll drain the pool and then restore, resurface, repaint or replace the liner and tiles. We can build new decking and walkways, add dramatic lighting, a waterfall effect or an entertainment center or outdoor kitchen, or even include lush botanical landscaping to give your pool a new lease on life.
All of our contractors are bonded and insured. We are members of the Atlanta Better Business Bureau as well as the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. 
Think of the value you'll be adding to your property, not to mention all the good times you'll have again as you entertain friends or enjoy peaceful relaxation after a long day. A pool renovation practically pays for itself! We have financing plans available to handle most budgets. So please don't hesitate to call Atlas Pools and ask what we can do to turn your back yard into a summer paradise.

Posted: 3/24/2014
Building A Swimming Pool A Rewarding Investment
By Staff
To be certain you will be rewarded for your investment and not burdened with a costly mistake, you will want to hire an Atlanta Pool Builder with experience and a reputation for quality, experience and service. At Atlas Pools Atlanta we have been building pools since 1976 and our pools carry a lifetime structural guarantee, backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. 
Our supply center offers a complete line of pool care chemicals with computerized water analysis for fast and accurate solutions as well. Our comprehensive parts department and experienced service techs will minimize down-time during those long, hot summer days.
Atlas Pools is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce,  and numerous other trade organizations.  As a leader in the Industry, Atlas Swimming Pools Atlanta is family owned and operated and have installed more than three thousand pools in the metro Atlanta area. We have received numerous National Pool & Spa Institute awards for design excellence and quality.
We are also adequately Insured.  Atlas Swimming Pools Atlanta carries both general liability insurance and workman's compensation.
Get started with Atlas Pools. Our customers tell us we build the highest quality swimming pool in Atlanta. When you choose Atlas Pools as your swimming pool designer you are guaranteed to receive the same quality design, workmanship, and reliability that each and every one of our customers has received for the past 35 years. 
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