Do I need building permits? Yes, and Atlas Pools will obtain all necessary permits through the appropriate building department and/or environmental health agency. If it is necessary to obtain a variance, the client will be responsible for any required fees. We will also prepare plans for the Homowner's Architectural Committee. A landscape plan can be provided at reasonable rates.

What are the permit requirements? Every county or city has different requirements. We can help you obtain current permit requirements for your community. Some counties and cities require a survey plat, and even if it isn't expressly required, it's a good idea to have one to determine if there are unusual property setbacks, flood plains or utility easements. Your closing attorney or title company may provide you a copy if you didn't receive one at the closing. If neither of these sources can provide a plat, we can recommend surveyors who will prepare a new one for a nominal fee.

Do you do tree removal? We will arrange it, or you may contract independently.

Do you build retaining walls? Retaining walls are integral to the environment. We specialize in building backyard environments, not just pools. We can build retaining walls, walkways, raised beds and any other landscaping construction.

Can I build a pool while my home is under construction? The property still belongs to the builder until you close. You may make arrangements with him, and also with your lender, if the money for the pool is to be part of the mortgage.

Are there any hidden charges? There are no hidden charges, but, there may be unexpected or unforeseen conditions that can add to the cost of your construction: an underground stream or a deep rock ledge, for example. While we can surmount such obstacles, they will add costs to your original estimate and will also possibly delay the completion date.

Do you also landscape when the pool is complete? We do provide landscaping services . Many of our clients purchase a complete environment, including pool, landscaping, walkways, patios and outdoor kitchens.

Do we have to put up a fence? Yes. Counties require it, and subdivisions have specific requirements. Your Architectural Controls Committee Chairperson can give you details, but they should be listed in your covenants.

Is it hard to maintain a pool? These days, not at all. There are automatic chlorination systems that constantly monitor the water and add chemicals when necessary. There are also non-chemical solutions available for those who prefer not to use chlorine.

Will I need a pool service? If you or your neighbors have a lot of shedding trees, then you may need one. If you use a pool cover and do not have a lot of debris falling into your pool, you can maintain your pool with a minimum of time spent on a weekly basis.

What is the warranty on the pool? Our warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the day of completion. Please request a copy of our warranty. Pool equipment has extensive warranties of their own from the manufacturer. We stand behind all the products we sell.

How long does it take to build a pool? Off season building (Fall or Winter) requires four to six weeks. In Spring and Summer, because of increased demand, construction may take longer. Additional time will be needed for elaborate custom projects. Assuming cooperative weather conditions and no unforeseen obstacles, we will be able to complete your project in the estimated time. However, for an accurate estimate, consult one of our designers.

Are you insured? All our contractors and crews are fully insured for liability, property damage and workman's compensation. 
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